Choosing between a State Treatment Program and a Private Rehab Center in Oregon

July 3, 2008 · Print This Article

If there’s someone in your family with an addiction problem, prompting you to look for options on addiction treatment in Oregon, you will be faced with two major kinds of choices. You will have to choose between a state treatment program and a private rehab center. Now, both of these have the same final intention, to bring the patient out of the addiction. But the way they work is vastly different. For that reason, this choice may mean the difference between recovery and death for you. It is best that you take your time, think about what the different programs can offer you and then make your decision.

The state treatment centers are preferred because they are approved by the addiction treatment program in Oregon officially. This gives a whole new outlook to them. People are more convinced about the treatment here and what’s more, the insurance companies are more convinced too. That is the reason there are higher chances of getting coverage for the treatment. This helps in saving costs. As it were, the state programs are usually funded by the state too, so you can expect great cost savings.

But the private rehab centers can be a choice too. These centers are expensive but you get much better facilities and even person nursing care. You can customize your treatment here, and make it as expensive or as inexpensive as you want. What’s more important is that you do not have to wait for admission in a private rehab center in Oregon. You can practically just walk into the treatment center and start getting treated.


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