Social Rehabilitation – An Important Part Of The Rehab Program In Alaska

August 5, 2008 · Print This Article

If you check information on the various programs for drug rehab treatment in Alaska, you will find that more than the treatment itself there is emphasis on the rehab part of it. People who go for addiction treatment take the term “rehab” for granted actually. Rehab is short for rehabilitation; it is a process in which the patient is rehabilitated back into active society, after the substance has taken them away from it. This is what happens in the rehab program in Alaska. It is not just about removing the dependency of the substance from the person; the treatment process is more about readjusting the various aspects of the person’s life to make it as normal as possible.

There is a very emphatic counseling program at the end of every detox treatment in Alaska. Here the patient is counseled to join some social clubs and take up some activities that can help them forget the temptation for the substance. The more they can normalize their life, the father will they be taken from the addiction. This is one of the prime intentions. That is why patients are counseled on reviving their friendships, becoming active in some social groups, even groups like the Alcoholics Anonymous that can help them to overcome their condition also.

They are also given job counseling so that they can take up a job for themselves and add more meaning to their lives. Only when the person regains his or her lost dignity back is the addiction treatment in Alaska said to be completed.


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