The Scope of the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program for Substance Abuse in Missouri

June 18, 2008 · Print This Article

Earlier, psychiatric problems and drug addiction were considered to be two totally different ailments. But as time is passing and experts are researching more and more into these two conditions, the line of difference is becoming increasingly blurred. Now, several states have linked substance abuse and mental health on their health websites even, and Missouri is one of these states. In the drug addiction treatment program in Missouri, substance abuse and mental illnesses need to be treated simultaneously if both of them are present in a single person.

The dual diagnosis treatment program in Missouri is a good indication of this. Basically speaking, the dual diagnosis is a treatment method where two ailments are treated. In the context of drug treatment in Missouri, the dual diagnosis program is used for treating a chemical dependency in people with mental sicknesses. The people may have mental problems such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, schizophrenia, phobias, hallucinations, etc. These are treated together with chemical dependency in the dual diagnosis program in Missouri.

The initial approach here is to get the person into a detox treatment. This needs to be done sensitively keeping the patient’s condition in mind. Then, the patient is sent into a psychiatric counseling program where the patient is analyzed for mental issues. Once that is done, the psychiatrist analyzing the patient will be able to decide what kind of treatment must be followed in future. The main feature of this program is the added level of care that the patients must be provided at every stage.


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