What Happens After Detox Treatment For Alcohol Addiction In California

July 30, 2008 · Print This Article

Contrary to popular opinion, the detox treatment in California is not the end of the treatment program. Instead, this is where the treatment program actually begins. During the detox treatment, the person is made to abstain from the substance and the withdrawal effects that occur are mitigated through a proper medication therapy. However, the detox treatment is only a method to physically treat the person of the accumulation of the toxins in the body. But, the common idea today is that addiction resides in the person’s mind. For that reason, mere bodily treatment is of no avail. That is the reason there is a very careful approach implemented after the detox treatment program in California.

This is the aftercare program, whose main intention is to ensure that the person is out of the addiction for the entire life. During this program, the patient is counseled for overcoming the emotional issues that might have driven them into the addiction and might be keeping them there. They are counseled on how they can become an active part of the society once again. The patient is taught about various techniques that can help in keeping them out of a relapse. These include meditational and relaxation techniques that will help them keep their mental state balanced so that they do not feel the temptation for the substance again.

In most centers for drug and alcohol detox in California, the families of the patient will also be counseled on how they should deal with the situation and what they can do to ensure that the patient stays out of the addiction.

These programs can be either outpatient or they can be run in a residential treatment center in California, depending on how intense the person’s addiction was and how they reciprocated to the detox.


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