Why does Employer Intervention work for Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Arizona?

July 18, 2008 · Print This Article

It is not quite surprising to see that the various employer assistance programs in different states of America have become quite popular, especially in case of the addiction treatment. We must specifically mention the EAP of Arizona which has managed to bring a lot of people with alcoholism problems into treatment. The state treatment program in Arizona makes it necessary for employers to make working conditions conducive for their employees, even taking their sicknesses into account. Employers can provide for their employees’ treatment so that they continue working for them, and this works for alcohol treatment too.

Let us see why the employers don’t mind participating in employee treatment programs. First and foremost, it is important for us to recognize that the human worker is the most important asset for a company. Employers would not want to lose their employees for various reasons. The employees may have been totally grounded in the ways of working of the company and finding a replacement might not be a feasible solution. Also, recruiting other people may not be an easy task, especially since it would also involve training them.

On the other hand, letting the existing employee remain with the alcohol abuse is not a solution either. It eats into work hours and hampers productivity. There is an employer intervention program in Arizona where employers can participate for the treatment for their employees. This is in accordance with the addiction treatment program in Arizona. It makes a big difference for people who are still shaky about getting into treatment because the incentives that the employers might provide them during the intervention could encourage them greatly to get into treatment.


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